Brands are bleeding money from their MOST valuable asset…their email list…and they don’t even realize it

Discover the Extremely Lucrative Yet Highly Underrated Formula that Resurrects and Adds “Invisible Profits” to Businesses’ Bottom Line…

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And HOW to recapture this lost money…while also generating NEW sales in as little as 30 minutes a day…

Imagine how DESIREABLE your skills would be to almost every business owner out there…

How valuable of an asset you would become…

Literally “flipping the script” of most freelance copywriters BEGGING to get hired…and instead having eager clients that can’t give you money fast enough.

Adding this “formula” that I’m about to tell you about could literally change your copywriting career.

(It did for me…)

Taking you from making pennies each month like I was… to consistent 10k months or beyond…

“WHERE THE HECK are all the ‘GOOD CLIENTS’???...

If I can’t get a new gig in the next week, we're going to run out of money...”

I'll never forget when I had pretty much those exact thoughts run through my head.

It was 2017, and I had been freelancing for nearly a year.

And by “freelancing” I really mean -

“Struggling to convince anyone to hire me, and barely being able to pay for the week’s food”.

Our savings were drained and we had a growing credit card bill.

My wife was (understandably) getting more and more anxious as I failed to provide. The financial stress was putting dangerous stress on our relationship.

And I was feeling like a total loser of a husband.

Because no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to make any real money online.

It got so bad that we had started having serious talks about every freelancer’s worst nightmare… Having to go get a “real job”.

Fortunately, things were about to take a positive turn…

After I had a realization that would “save” my freelance career, and essentially ensure that I never went without a steady paycheck again…

And in a moment, I’m going to share exactly what salvaged my failing freelance career.

I’m also going to share how you can also leverage this special set of “skills” to instantly become movie-star-level attractive to potential clients.

However, before I do, I’d like to take just a moment and introduce myself...

Hey there, my name is Brennan, and I’m an email marketer and direct response copywriter.

(Oops sorry, wrong picture...I love pizza wayyy more than I should.)

Here’s a better photo.

Back in 2016 I decided that I was going to give the middle finger to “the man” and quit my call center job.

I had been doing some research (aka Googling “how to make money online”) and learned about this called copywriting.

And wow, did this copywriting thing seem LEGIT.

I mean, apparently people were making 6-figures a year… ALL FROM THEIR LAPTOP!

As a small-town kid, this blew my mind.

And I probably don’t have to tell you… I was obviously sold.

I got right to it. Within a week I had created an account on a popular freelance platform with an hourly rate of $25/hr.

Man, was I excited. After all, I was only making $11 an hour at my “prestigious” call center job.

I immediately started pitching, and within another week or so had landed my first gig.

In fact, I had pretty decent success starting off.

I started pulling in about $400 each month just doing freelance work part-time at night.

And since $400 was nearly my weekly salary at the time…

I decided it was time to “make the leap.”

My wife and I decided that I should quit my job, and we should go traveling with our newfound freedom and truckload of one-dollar bills I made on the internet.

So we did...

And you might be able to guess how it went.

Although we “made it work”… I ended up only making 15k that first year...

Almost HALF of what my salary was at my crappy full-time call center job…

Needless to say, the situation was pretty desperate. It was taking a toll on our life, our emotions, and I'm not going to say that our marriage "was on the rocks" or anything...

But our relationship was definitely suffering.

You see, my wife had grown up living off food stamps.

And one of the only requirements my wife had for me when we got married was that I would never make her worry about where our next meal was going to come from…

(Which is a totally reasonable expectation.)

And yet, there I was.

Not just failing to provide like I promised…

Even worse, I was completely clueless about what I even needed to do to make more money.

Man, did it suck…

I was so desperate I would spend HOURS trolling this freelance website...

Praying that I would find something that could save my failing freelance career, and put some money in our bank for the first time in months.

Thankfully, something was about to happen that would completely turn things around.

How’s that old saying go?

“Necessity is the mother of invention” or something like that.

Well it happened almost exactly like that for me.

Because one day, during my daily desperate scrolling of the freelance job board…

I noticed something.

I came across a job opportunity like this one...

As I kept scrolling, I noticed more and more jobs, all with this same sort of requirement.

Email marketing.

All of a sudden, I had this crazy realization.

“MAN, there are A LOT of business owners that need help with their email marketing.”

*cue facepalm moment*

As it turns out, one of the few gigs I had managed to land earlier in the year had actually been as a copywriter for an email marketing agency…

Since the team was so small, I ended up learning the ends and outs of email marketing. Essentially doubling my skill set.

But the whole time, I still “thought” of myself as a copywriter.

After all, copywriting was my “superpower”.

Not the email marketing thing.

However, after struggling for MONTHS to get a single client as just a copywriter...

...and I realized that everybody and their grandma wanted an email marketer that ALSO knew copywriting...

I thought to myself -

“I could be an email marketer.”

Since I already had the skill, I just had to switch my mindset and my positioning.

And the results of the pivot came FAST.

Within a couple months, I went from fighting for scraps on the freelance platform…

To suddenly finding myself more and more in demand.

And not only was I just waking up to more requests to work with me…

Many clients had large projects (meaning a nice fat fee for me) AND all of a sudden people wanted to start bringing me on for the ever-elusive “monthly retainer”.

I was stunned.

My personal income jumped from MAYBE making a thousand dollars every month or so…

To on-going retainers that added up to 5k, 6k or even 7k in monthly income.

And that’s not because my copywriting skills suddenly became amazingly good...

It was because I began offering a service that was highly desirable to potential clients.

Email marketing.

It really shouldn’t have surprised me…

I mean, isn’t the whole thing about marketing “giving your audience what they want”?

However, I had totally missed it.

Because I was so focused on trying to make clients come to me for copywriting, even though I had no name or track record.

Once I started offering what the business owners ACTUALLY wanted…

(All-in-one email marketing)

They couldn’t hire me fast enough.

Even despite my lack of awesome results or testimonials.

Now, before I go any further, let me say this.

Email marketing is NOT a magic bullet.

I’ll say it again for people in the back…

Knowing how to manage someone’s email marketing DOES NOT mean your doorbell will magically start ringing with clients begging to work with you.

HOWEVER, it does give you the opportunity to STAND OUT in a crowded market.

Making you essentially the “Peacock” freelancer in a sea of desperate, steal-your-fries seagulls.

Now, even with a sweet Peacock-like-ability to stand out, doesn’t mean that clients will hire you…or that you won’t have to work hard to be good at the services you provide.


It can be your edge.

And a way you can leave competitors in the dust when looking for your next gig.

Now, at this point, I’ve shared a lot about my experience and how email marketing essentially saved my freelance career...

So maybe you’re like -

“Cool story bro... but what the heck does this have to do with me?”


After seeing how many businesses need regular email marketing…

And how much easier it can be to land freelance gigs when you know email marketing…

I wanted to do something to try and bridge that gap.

Especially since information on the internet can vary so much when it comes to best practices…

(A la #pinterestfails)

In fact, I actually struggled a lot when I was working with the email agency trying to figure out various best practices or new ideas.

Which is why I’ve decided to create what I wish I had when I first started out.

A comprehensive, no-fluff, actionable training on the ins and outs of email marketing.

Lean and Mean Email Marketing

Lean & Mean is an all-inclusive deep dive into the basics of email marketing.

Packed into 16 lessons.

And many of these lessons are 20 minutes or less each.

All so you can discover the ins and outs of email marketing, FAST.

But don’t let the brevity fool you...

These are the exact same strategies I've used to help clients earn 8+ million in email sales.

Now, I know that there are other email courses out there.

So you may be wondering - “what makes your course so different than the one by this other cool email guy”?

Well, many courses teach overarching principles or focus on copywriting.

I go wayyyy deeper than just surfacey explanations.

I get into the nitty-gritty of best practices, based on years of experience with over 45 email marketing clients.

This includes a step-by-step breakdown of each and every single email you should be sending...

With instructions for the email content, send times, ways to improve and more.

Giving you the framework and tools you need to “wow” potential clients.

Now, as great as it is hearing me beat my own chest over how awesome this course is…

You’d probably prefer to hear from some people that have actually taken my course.

* cue glowing testimonials *

So what’s in this “Lean and Mean” course?

As I mentioned, Lean and Mean is everything I wish I would have known when I first started out in email marketing.

I cover ALL the essentials to go from zero to hero as an email marketer, in the quickest, "no B.S." way possible.

Each module covers an essential component of email marketing:

Email Marketing Basics

Some principles and perspectives around email marketing as a whole, this is pretty important for people completely brand new to email marketing

Welcome Series

One of the two most important automated email series for a business. I cover a quick and easy setup that I’ve seen generate 40K+ for a client in a single month

Abandoned Cart Series

The other most important automated email series. Recapture lost sales with my go-to 4 email series designed specifically to bring those customers back

Browse Abandonment Series

People are checking you out all the time...and you’re missing out. This stupid easy automation will take subscribers from watchers to buyers

Post-Purchase Series

One of the most underrated email series. Mostly because it doesn’t always “make” people stupid amounts of money. Although not only does this definitely bring in a nice chunk of change from people that have already bought, it helps you KEEP their money (which is the more important part)

Winback Series

Life happens, people move on. BUT you can reconnect with that subscriber, make some essay cash, and make your bond even stronger with this often-ignored email series

Subscription Upsell Series

There's nothing better than guaranteed money each month. This series will move your customer from a single purchase onto a recurring subscription option

Email List Management

Many people can write an email, but that’s only half of email marketing. I teach you the ins and outs of managing an email list, so you can totally take this off your client’s plate...and add more sales to your personal results

List Cleaning & Re-engagement Strategy

Sometimes clients have subscribers that they haven't contacted in months. This lesson will show you how to "clean" an old email list to ensure the emails are valid - and the strategy you need to implement to re-engage the subscribers in a way that both protects your valuable domain reputation and helps preserve your relationship with subscribers (I also include a live walkthrough of a re-engagement series I executed for a client)

How to Write Weekly Emails

Creating automated emails are one and done, but creating fresh content week in and week out can be challenging. In this video I share my own strategy for writing weekly emails, the main types of emails I write and how I avoid running out of “email ideas”

How to Ecom Emails That Don't Suck

Many people overcomplicate writing Ecom emails. It's actually quite easy to do, IF you understand the mindset of your recipient and what appeals to your reader. This was a special bonus training I gave that received such a great response I decided to add it to the course

Basic Email Template Design

I'll show you how to create a basic ecom template (that doesn't require any fancy graphic design) suitable for many businesses

How to Master SMS Marketing in 2 Hours or Less

SMS (text message) marketing has been producing CRAZY results in recent years, but many businesses still haven't added this extremely lucrative medium to their marketing. This special 5-part series taught by a close marketing friend of mine will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about SMS marketing, skyrocketing the value and results you can bring clients

Klaviyo Basics

Watch me set up a brand new email account in real time in Klaviyo. From creating a lead-gen pop-up, to what to look out for when setting up some of the automations and how to create segments. I go over the basics of using the platform so you can feel confident you know what you’re doing whether you’re using the platform for yourself or for others

Active Campaign Basics

Discover how to use one of the most technical Email Service Providers out there. This module covers everything you need to get started using Active Campaign CORRECTLY from the get-go.

ConvertKit Basics

CovertKit is one of the most popular Email Service Providers used today. This module takes you from creating a brand new account, to sending out your first email

Intro to Essential Shopify Apps

Though most of what you do will be within the Email Service Provider, there are a few ESSENTIAL 3rd-party apps that you'll want to incorporate into your services to maximize the results you can bring clients, and strengthen the relationship your client's brand has with its subscribers. This lesson introduces you to each of the three apps so you can hit the ground running with clients

So maybe you can already tell that Lean & Mean is the missing ingredient in your freelance journey.

And you’re just wondering…

What’s the investment?

Well, since I only made 15k my first year freelancing... the last thing I wanted to do was make something that was out of reach.

And so for the time being, you get all this for just $297.

Now “technically” at this point I’m supposed to make some weird comparison...

Like tell you how my course is only the cost of 14.2 pizzas or something like that…

Or tell you how I poured my heart and soul out over months creating this course, making it worth about $1,290,731 of my personal time...

So I can try and make this feel like a steal.

But I know that depending on where you are in life, all that might just make you feel worse about your financial situation.

And that's the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do -

Which is empower you and give you hope for your freelance future.

So instead of trying some sort of forced price comparison game...

I want to share some results from my own journey.

#1 - I’ve used the exact same things I teach in this course to make myself some $320,000 and counting.

And for the past few years I’ve only worked part-time on client stuff. I even took 3-day weekends for an entire year.

#2 - These same skills make me stand out instantly when I’m pitching.

In fact, when I was first putting this letter together, I had recently made a pitch in an online job board.

And within HOURS I had a private message from a VERY reputable marketer.

We ended up hopping on a call the next day, and you know what he told me?

“It’s a game-changer that you know email marketing in addition to being a copywriter”

I was able to close the deal, and that contract was worth over 35k for me.

The crazy part?

The WHOLE opportunity was based on the fact that I offered email marketing services.

Sure, I’ve still had to “put in the work” - and my copywriting abilities are nothing to sneeze at…

But without the peacock-like ability to differentiate myself with email marketing skills...

Who knows if I’d have ever gotten the chance in the first place?

Now, I couldn’t share all this without also going over the money-back guarantee.

So here it is.

If you don’t like my course for ANY reason, and want your money back…

Just let me know within 30 days of purchasing.

I’ll do my part to get your payment back to you ASAP (I can’t speak to the actual processing time for the funds to appear in your account), and we’ll part ways as friends.

The modules are really just PART of what you get with Lean & Mean Email Marketing.

Because there are some pretty awesome bonuses as well.

And you don’t even have to "beat the game" to access the cool bonuses, like those dumb video games I played growing up.

Right from the get-go you get access to these sweet add-ons:

One of the most-loved parts of these bonuses are HOURS of over-the-shoulder video recordings of me writing emails for clients.

In fact, I’ve been told that the over-the-shoulder videos might just be the most valuable part of my whole course.

Just check out what an email marketing agency owner said during my trial launch of the course.

(He's also paid for his copywriters to come to some of my live trainings)

But this is just the beginning...

Because you also get templates for a whole email automation series that I wrote according to the strategies I teach in the course.

- AKA -

You can copy & paste these templates (just fill in the blanks) and almost be guaranteed to make your clients money.

But the deliciousness doesn't stop there...

Because I also include a special training on client acquisition led by my friend and fellow marketer John Caprani.

John Caprani has taken the online copywriting/marketing world by storm due to his next-level networking and client acquisition skills.

Within months he went from 0 to being overbooked with client work.

In this bonus he’s teaching you the exact process he uses to get clients showing up in his inbox almost on autopilot, and how to close the deal (which can be the hardest part).

Meaning you’ll be equipped not just with the email marketing skills to impress your next client…

You’re also walking away with a proven strategy for finding and acquiring your next client.

And to wrap it all up, I also have a special expert interview with email marketer Jerrod Harlan discussing how you can negotiate lucrative retainer + commission deals.

Jerrod regularly makes between 25k and 35k PER MONTH offering email services to just a few (as in 3) email clients.

How does he manage to get paid so well? Because he's a master at negotiating payment structures that reward him for the hard work he puts in.

And in this expert interview, he'll reveal his method for negotiating these deals, and how you can too.

Well...there ya have it fam.

I’m going to wrap it up here. But before I go, I have to ask you…

Do you want to add a brand new tool to your freelance toolbelt which practically eradicates client doubts and transforms “We’ll get back to you...” into “How soon can you start?”?

If you quietly nodded ‘yes’ to that question, then you can gain access to Lean & Mean using the form below.

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I’ll see you on the other side.

Cheers! ✌️✌️

Brennan Hopkins

P.S. Here’s the TL;DR version.

#1 I used to make around -$173 as a freelance copywriter.

#2 I learned email marketing, and now businesses want my body email marketing skills more than Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars.

#3 I made a comprehensive, no-fluff, actionable training on the ins and outs of email marketing called Lean and Mean Email Marketing. It also comes with killer trainings on client acquisition and negotiating lucrative retainers + commission deals by guest experts John Caprani and Jerrod Harlan.

#4 It’s $297, and comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

#5 That’s it. If you're interested in becoming as desirable as delicious ice cream on a hot summer day to potential clients, just scroll up to the form above.

#6 If you’re still reading I don’t have anything else for you... Actually, here’s a gif of some Red Pandas cause they’re my fav.

© Brennan Hopkins